About Us

Minnesota Women’s Care is the foundation for WomanWoRX. We are passionate about women’s health, solving complex problems, and restoring quality of life. With WomanWoRX, we can now offer the right fitness and rehabilitation programs to women in every stage of life.

It all started with Dr. Melvin Ashford and Minnesota Women’s Care.

As an OBGYN and Urogynecologist specializing in pelvic floor disorders, Dr. Ashford has helped many women overcome painful and life-altering pelvic floor conditions. Going far beyond annual exams and delivering babies, the practice he developed – Minnesota Women’s Care – is dedicated to providing solutions to women who want to live full lives — free from discomfort and pain. The team is focused on listening to our patients and solving problems. This innovative women’s health practice has redefined what a visit to the OBGYN is all about in the 21st century.

During Dr. Ashford’s work to solve women’s pelvic floor issues, he noted how much more effective non-surgical approaches are IF the treatment had a structured combination of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, and Exercise Therapy. From this, the concept for WomanWoRX began. The classes and therapies are designed for all women: those with a pelvic floor condition that will respond well to a non-surgical approach, those who want to strengthen their pelvic floor to prevent future problems, and for those who want to keep their pelvic floor strong.

Dr. Jac Shikowsky, DC

WomanWoRX really began to take shape with Dr. Ashford and Dr. Jac Shikowsky working together. Combining her knowledge of body mechanics and her love of exercise, Dr. Jac had previously created STÔKE Wellness – an all encompassing approach incorporating her signature "BURN, FUEL, and GLOW." That foundation of exercise was combined with pelvic floor physical therapy and Dr. Ashford’s knowledge and experience as a Urogynecologist to develop the most unique training and rehabilitation program in the country: WomanWoRX.

Additional Treatment Options

Minnesota Women’s Care and The Urogynecology Center, under Dr. Ashford’s leadership, offers a wide range of treatment options for different pelvic floor conditions. When surgery is necessary, we believe in providing the most advanced, minimally-invasive surgical care – the kind of surgery that often promotes faster healing with less pain. We want to help you get back to the life you love as fast as possible. Additional information is available on our website: The Urogynecology Center at Minnesota Women’s Care.

Visit Us in Person

WomanWoRX is both a concept and a place. Our brick and mortar facility in Maplewood, Minnesota is adjacent to the main Minnesota Women's Care facility. It houses our collaborative pelvic floor therapy team –  physical therapist, chiropractor, and exercise physiologist. We offer a number of different classes every day for women of all ages and abilities. View more WomanWoRX here.